Cinnamon Queen Chicken: Breed Profile & Information

Cinnamon Queen chickens in the coop
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Despite being a newcomer to the world of poultry, Cinnamon Queen chickens have steadily risen in popularity among backyard chicken keepers and commercial producers.

Their beautiful cinnamon plumage, prolific egg-laying abilities, and docile temperament have made them a sought-after breed for those looking for a reliable source of eggs and a friendly addition to their flock.

This article is all about getting to know these lovely birds better. It will go into detail about the characteristics that set Cinnamon Queen chickens apart and how to take care of them. So, read on and learn more about them!

Cinnamon Queen Chicken Quick Facts

Origin:United States
Weight:Roosters: 5.5–7.5 pounds (2.5–3.5 kg); 
Hens: 4.5–5.5 pounds (2–2.5 kg)
Purpose:Dual-purpose (meat and eggs)
Egg Production:250–300 large eggs per year
Egg Color:Brown
Temperament:Friendly, docile, calm
Broodiness:Low to non-broody
Hardiness:Cold and heat-hardy
Lifespan:3–7 years
Unique Features:Sex-linked, excellent foragers
Beginner Friendly:Yes

What Is a Cinnamon Queen Chicken?

Cinnamon Queen chicken in the yard
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Cinnamon Queens are hybrid chickens known for their excellent egg-laying abilities. They result from the crossbreeding of Rhode Island Red roosters and Rhode Island White hens. This combination gives them their distinctive cinnamon-colored feathers.

These chickens are not just about looks, though. They are calm and friendly, which is great if you want them in your backyard. Plus, they lay a lot of big, brown eggs. Some even start laying eggs sooner than other chicken breeds.

Furthermore, they are known for being hardy and adaptable to various climates.

Because of these qualities, Cinnamon Queen chickens are a popular choice among backyard poultry keepers and small-scale farmers.

Watch this video for additional information on this breed:

HFG Farm Animal Spotlight: Cinnamon Queen Chickens

Cinnamon Queen Chicken Appearance

Cinnamon Queen chicken walking on the grass
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Cinnamon Queen chickens are not only known for their striking appearance but also for a unique trait: they are sex-linked.

This means that you can determine the gender of the chicks based on the color of their feathers as early as a few days old.

Upon hatching, male chicks are typically white, while female chicks have a brownish-cinnamon color. As these chickens grow, the differences between males and females become even more pronounced.

Roosters typically develop a primarily white appearance, though some might have small patches of reddish-brown feathers.

On the other hand, hens flaunt a beautiful brown shade that is reminiscent of cinnamon. They may also have small white or light yellow spots on their feathers, which adds depth and variety to their look.

Both genders have featherless legs that are typically yellow in color. They also have bright red earlobes, wattles, and combs, which look gorgeous against their cinnamon-colored plumage.

Cinnamon Queen Chicken Size and Weight

Cinnamon Queen chicken up close
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Cinnamon Queens are considered medium-sized chickens. They are compact but pack a good amount of weight.

On average, Cinnamon Queen roosters weigh between 5.5 and 7.5 pounds. Meanwhile, hens are a bit lighter, weighing around 4.5 to 5.5 pounds.

Given their stocky build, they are an excellent choice for people who want to keep chickens for both eggs and meat.

Cinnamon Queen Chicken Temperament and Behavior

Cinnamon Queen chickens are often a favorite among poultry enthusiasts, and a big reason for that is their temperament.

These birds are generally known for their friendly and docile nature. They are not the type to cause trouble or be aggressive.

A colleague of mine, who’s been raising Cinnamon Queen chickens for a while, even shared how great they are with kids.

He said that his children could easily hang around them in his backyard. They would pet them and even give them some treats. The chickens seemed to like it and didn’t mind the company at all.

This made it a fun and educational experience for the children, as they learned about taking care of animals and formed a special bond with these easygoing chickens.

But it’s not just people they’re good with. Cinnamon Queens are sociable chickens that enjoy being around others. They are curious creatures that like to explore their surroundings and interact with fellow chickens.

So, if you are looking for chickens that are easygoing and won’t give you a hard time, the Cinnamon Queen is a top pick. They are sociable, calm, and just all-around pleasant birds to have in your backyard.

Egg Production and Broodiness of the Cinnamon Queen Chicken

Cinnamon Queen chicken in its nesting box
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Cinnamon Queen chickens shine when it comes to laying eggs. On average, they can lay up to 250 to 300 eggs each year. That’s almost an egg every day!

The eggs they produce are large and have a lovely brown color. Hence, Cinnamon Queen chickens are an excellent fit if you are on the hunt for a chicken breed that will keep your egg basket full.

When it comes to broodiness, Cinnamon Queens do not usually get that strong urge to sit on their eggs and hatch them. They might feel broody once in a while, but it’s not typically their nature.

This can be an advantage for those who are mainly interested in egg production and not raising chicks.

Overall, Cinnamon Queens are more about laying eggs than hatching them. But when they decide to be mothers, they do a fantastic job at it.

Noise Levels of Cinnamon Queen Chickens

Cinnamon Queen chickens have a unique personality, and their noise levels are part of what makes them stand out. These birds are known to be quite vocal.

They usually have a lot to say, whether it’s to their fellow chickens or to the people taking care of them. If you spend time around them, you’ll quickly notice they enjoy a good chat.

However, their chatty nature doesn’t mean they’re overly loud or disruptive. In fact, many keepers find that Cinnamon Queens are generally quieter than some other chicken breeds.

This can be a huge benefit, especially if you live in a city or suburban area where noisy hens might not be welcomed.

Thus, while they enjoy chatting and singing their own “egg song,” Cinnamon Queens are not overly noisy. They strike a good balance, making them a good fit for both rural and urban chicken keepers.

How to Take Care of Your Cinnamon Queen Chicken

Cinnamon Queen chicken walking inside the coop
Image credit: hippiefire22 / Instagram

The longevity and productivity of your Cinnamon Queen chickens will depend on the care you give them. From their diet and coop setup to understanding their behavior and health concerns, every detail matters.

Below are some of the best practices and tips to keep your Cinnamon Queens thriving.

Lifespan and Health Issues

Known for their robust nature, Cinnamon Queen chickens have an average lifespan of 3 to 7 years or even longer under ideal conditions.

However, their prolific egg production brings an increased risk of egg binding, internal laying, and reproductive cancer.

Moreover, like all chickens, they are vulnerable to common poultry diseases such as coccidiosis, salmonellosis, avian influenza, and fowl pox.

Hence, it’s essential to provide them with a balanced diet, clean water, and a safe coop to ensure their well-being.


Feeding Cinnamon Queen chickens the right way is essential, especially since developing and hatching eggs takes a lot of energy. Being prolific egg layers, these chickens require a diet rich in nutrients.

A good diet for Cinnamon Queens should consist of layer feed with around 16% protein. Anything less can slow down their egg production.

To promote stronger eggshells, supplements like crushed oyster shells or calcium grit are beneficial. Treats like dried mealworms, which are high in protein, can be a great addition as well.

Furthermore, you can make up for any missing vitamins in their diet by providing fruits and vegetables. Remember, a balanced diet is key to keeping your Cinnamon Queens healthy and happy.

Coop Setup and Roaming

Because of their active nature and natural curiosity, Cinnamon Queen chickens need a well-thought-out living space.

For their coop, make sure it’s spacious enough to accommodate their hefty size, with each bird having at least 4 square feet of space.

Cinnamon Queens also like to perch, so give each bird at least 8 inches of perch space.

When it comes to nesting, standard-sized boxes work well. However, given their size and laying habits, you’ll need one nesting box for every four hens. This gives them enough room to lay eggs comfortably.

Outside, each chicken should have a minimum of 15 square feet in the run. If you can, let them roam freely outside the coop. They love to explore and forage, and it’s good for their overall well-being.


Cinnamon Queen chickens are hardy birds that can adapt to various temperatures. However, like all chickens, they do have their limits.

During colder months, it’s important to make sure their coop is well-insulated and free from drafts. A well-ventilated coop can help prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to frostbite in extreme cold.

In hotter climates, providing shade, ample water, and proper ventilation is crucial. Chickens can overheat quickly, so it’s essential to monitor them for signs of heat stress.

How Much Does a Cinnamon Queen Chicken Cost?

The price of Cinnamon Queen chickens can vary based on where you buy them and the age of the chicken. On average, Cinnamon Queen chicks can be priced around $3 to $5, depending on how many you want to purchase.

Prices can increase as they get older and become pullets, with some sellers offering them for as much as $30 each.

Several reputable places offer Cinnamon Queen chickens for sale. Hoover’s Hatchery, Purely Poultry, and the Chick Hatchery are some of the more popular options.

These hatcheries often provide detailed information about the birds and may even give discounts for bulk purchases.

If you are wondering where to buy one locally, many local farm stores or poultry suppliers often stock them.

These stores usually offer a variety of breeds, and Cinnamon Queens are a popular choice given their egg-laying capabilities and friendly nature.

Pros and Cons of the Cinnamon Queen Chicken

Cinnamon Queen chicken side profile
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Many backyard flock owners choose Cinnamon Queen chickens because of the various advantages they provide. However, like all breeds, they come with their own set of challenges.

Let’s start by discussing the benefits of keeping Cinnamon Queen chickens:

  • Prolific egg layers: Cinnamon Queen chickens are renowned for their impressive egg production. They usually lay between 250 and 300 large brown eggs a year, which is more than enough for many households.
  • Friendly temperament: Cinnamon Queens have a reputation for being sweet and docile. Their friendly demeanor makes them ideal for families with children and those new to poultry keeping.
  • Free-ranging advantage: When allowed to roam, Cinnamon Queen chickens excel at free-ranging. Feed expenses can be reduced thanks to their ability to hunt for natural food sources efficiently.
  • Color sexable chicks: One of the unique features of Cinnamon Queen chicks is their color, which indicates their gender. This trait makes it easier to distinguish males from females at an early age.

Meanwhile, here are some drawbacks associated with Cinnamon Queen chickens that you should think about before getting one:

  • Breeding limitations: Because Cinnamon Queens are hybrids, their offspring will not consistently inherit the same characteristics as the parent birds. This unpredictability in breeding outcomes can be a challenge for those looking to maintain a consistent flock with specific attributes.
  • Health concerns: Cinnamon Queen chickens are prone to health problems such as egg binding, reproductive cancer, and internal laying because of their high production rates.
  • Shortened lifespan: As a production fowl, Cinnamon Queens may not live as long as other breeds of chicken. This can be due to the various health challenges associated with the breed.
  • Bullying risk: Although the gentle temperament of Cinnamon Queen chickens is endearing, it can also make them targets of bullying, particularly if they are kept with more aggressive chicken breeds.

Though it’s clear that there are many advantages to owning Cinnamon Queen chickens, prospective owners should still take careful consideration.

Knowing what to expect from Cinnamon Queens will allow you to provide them with the care they need while also enjoying their wonderful presence in your backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cinnamon Queen chicken under the sun
Image credit: eggchantresseggpire / Instagram

Are Cinnamon Queen Chickens Good Egg Layers?

Cinnamon Queen chickens are real champs when it comes to producing eggs. These hens usually start laying earlier than many other breeds, sometimes as early as 16 weeks.

On average, they can lay between 250 and 300 large brown eggs annually. With their consistent and prolific egg production, Cinnamon Queens are a top choice for those wanting a reliable source of fresh eggs.

What Color Eggs Do Cinnamon Queen Chickens Lay?

Cinnamon Queen hens are known to lay large eggs with a deep brown color. Some of these hens might even produce jumbo-sized brown eggs on occasion.

So, if you are keen on having a steady supply of large brown eggs, this breed is the way to go.

What Age Do Cinnamon Queen Chickens Start Laying Eggs?

A notable characteristic of Cinnamon Queens is the early start of their egg production. Most of them are already laying eggs when they are just 16 to 18 weeks old.

Furthermore, these hens can give you a consistent supply of eggs for up to three years if they are given proper care.

Are Cinnamon Queen Chickens Friendly?

Yes, Cinnamon Queen chickens are renowned for their friendly disposition. These chickens tend to enjoy human interaction and are easy to handle.

Their calm and docile nature contributes to a positive and enjoyable experience for those raising them.

Are Cinnamon Queens Good Backyard Chickens?

Definitely! There’s a good reason why Cinnamon Queens are so popular as backyard chickens. These birds are known for their friendly and sociable nature, making them great companions.

They are not only good egg layers but also adapt well to various environments, including spacious farms or smaller urban backyards.

Plus, they are relatively quiet, so they won’t disturb the neighbors. So, if you’re looking for a backyard chicken that’s both productive and pleasant to have around, Cinnamon Queens surely won’t disappoint.

Have you had any experience with Cinnamon Queen chickens? If so, share your thoughts about them by leaving a comment below.

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