Midnight Majesty Marans: Breed Profile, Facts & Pictures

Midnight Majesty Marans side profile
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The Midnight Majesty Marans chicken is a unique and captivating breed, popular for their dark feathering and distinct chocolate-brown eggs. 

Originating from the Marans region of France, these chickens have become a favorite choice for both backyard poultry enthusiasts and large-scale breeders alike.

In this article, you’ll discover more interesting details about their size, temperament, care requirements, and much more. Continue reading to learn about the world of Midnight Majesty Marans.

Midnight Majesty Marans Chicken Quick Facts

Origin:Marans, France
Weight:Roosters: 7-8 lbs
Hens: 5-6 lbs
Purpose:Dual-purpose (meat and eggs)
Egg Production:Moderate (150-200 eggs/year)
Egg Color:Dark chocolate
Temperament:Friendly and docile
Broodiness:Often broody
Hardiness:Good in varied climates
Lifespan:5-7 years
Unique Features:Dark feathering with slight iridescence
Beginner Friendly:Yes

What Is a Midnight Majesty Marans Chicken?

Midnight Majesty Marans walking on the grass
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The Midnight Majesty Marans chicken is renowned for its rich, dark chocolate eggs and captivating dark yet shiny plumage. Originating from France, these dual-purpose birds have gained popularity not just for their unique egg color but also for their friendly disposition and versatile uses.

Known for their stunning dark feathers, Midnight Majesty Marans chickens stand out in any flock. These birds originate from the Marans region in France, where they were initially appreciated for their meat quality. 

Over time, poultry enthusiasts globally have become captivated by their dark, almost chocolate-colored eggs, setting them apart from many other breeds.

Although they exhibit a majestic appearance, their temperament is quite friendly. They are known to coexist well with other breeds, which makes them a welcome addition to multi-breed flocks. 

Not only are these chickens beautiful, but their moderate egg-laying capabilities also ensure a steady supply of those desired dark eggs.

These birds are tough and can adjust to many different weather conditions. Due to this, they tend to stay healthy wherever they are. Their broodiness also makes them good at naturally incubating and hatching chicks.

For beginners, their resilient nature and friendly demeanor make them an excellent choice, offering both beauty and functionality in a single breed.

If you’re curious to know if Midnight Majesty Marans chickens are worth raising, watch the video below:

Mystic Maran Chickens - Are They Worth Raising?

Midnight Majesty Marans Appearance

Midnight Majesty Marans in a man made forest
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The Midnight Majesty Marans chicken looks different than other chickens. Their feathers are deep dark black, which gives them a fancy, royal look. They stand out in a flock because of this beautiful black plumage. 

Their feathers shine and reflect purple and green colors, too. Further, their eyes are also dark, like their feathers. This makes them look even more elegant.

When it comes to size, they have a medium to large build. This is good because they can be raised for meat and eggs.

Their legs are usually gray under the thick feathers, while their combs and wattles are bright red. These colors add a subtle contrast to the black. 

The brightness of the combs and wattles also shows if the chicken is healthy. In addition to the special colors, they usually have a single comb, which is a distinct feature of this breed.

Midnight Majesty Marans Size and Weight

When it comes to size and weight, Midnight Majesty Marans roosters typically tip the scales at around 7 to 8 lbs. Their female counterparts are slightly lighter, usually weighing in at around 5 to 6 lbs

Being a dual-purpose breed, their robust stature is essential for meat production, while their egg-laying capabilities remain commendable. 

When observing them, you will notice their well-balanced bodies, strong legs, and broad chests. These structures highlight their sturdy build and overall health.

Note that the weight and size variation between the roosters and hens is common among many chicken breeds. 

It allows roosters to be more dominant and protective while the hens remain agile enough for efficient egg-laying. 

For those keen on raising Midnight Majesty Marans for meat, their substantial size offers a generous yield, making them a valuable addition to any homestead or farm.

Midnight Majesty Marans Temperament and Behavior

Midnight Majesty Marans outside the coop
Image credit: the_yardfarm / Instagram

Midnight Majesty Marans chickens are characterized by a gentle and docile temperament. These birds often form strong bonds with their keepers, showcasing a level of trust that makes them easy to handle. 

Their calm demeanor ensures that they coexist harmoniously with other breeds in your flock.

While they can be social and friendly, Midnight Majesty Marans also value their personal space. They aren’t necessarily lap chickens, but they won’t shy away from interacting when they feel comfortable. 

For families with children or other pets, their predictable behavior makes them a reliable choice, reducing the likelihood of them being aggressive.

These chickens are calm and smart when it comes to finding food. They work hard, searching the area carefully for insects and other treats to eat.

This behavior not only keeps them active but also helps in natural pest control around the yard. 

For those seeking a peaceful yet hardworking addition to their flock, the Midnight Majesty Marans chicken fits the bill perfectly.

Egg Production and Broodiness of the Midnight Majesty Marans

Midnight Majesty Marans are cherished for their signature dark chocolate eggs, a unique trait that sets them apart in the poultry world. On average, healthy hens produce around 150 to 200 eggs annually.

Although they might not be positioned among the top layers compared to other breeds, the quality of their eggs more than makes up for the quantity.

Another notable trait of the Midnight Majesty Marans is their broodiness. These hens have a strong maternal instinct, frequently showing the desire to sit on their eggs and hatch them. 

This can be beneficial for homesteaders looking to expand their flock naturally without the use of incubators. 

However, for those prioritizing egg production, frequent broodiness might mean fewer eggs for collection as broody hens often stop laying.

It’s also worth mentioning that the dark hue of their eggs often lightens slightly as the laying season progresses. This doesn’t impact the quality or taste, but it’s a fun fact for those new to this breed.

Noise Levels of Midnight Majesty Marans

Midnight Majesty Marans up close side view
Image credit: flockinfors / Instagram

Midnight Majesty Marans are relatively quiet chickens. They don’t tend to be overly vocal, making them suitable for suburban or urban settings where neighbors live close to each other. 

Like most chicken breeds, hens might get a bit chatty after laying an egg, a behavior termed the “egg song.” This is a short-lived burst of noise and isn’t a constant feature throughout the day. 

Roosters, on the other hand, will crow, signaling the start of a new day or asserting their dominance, but this is typical of all rooster breeds, not just the Midnight Majesty Marans.

For those contemplating adding these birds to their flock but are concerned about noise, the hens are a safer bet. If a rooster’s crowing is a potential concern, it might be best to opt for hens only. 

In general, with their reserved nature and less frequent vocalizations, Midnight Majesty Marans are a good fit for those seeking low-noise poultry companions.

How to Take Care of Your Midnight Majesty Marans

Caring for a Midnight Majesty Marans chicken requires knowledge of both general poultry care and the breed itself. 

These distinctive birds, with their rich-hued eggs, deserve the best in terms of nutrition, shelter, and overall well-being. Here are some tips on how to take care of Midnight Majesty Marans.

Lifespan and Health issues

Midnight Majesty Marans typically have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years when given proper care. Like other chicken breeds, they can be susceptible to common poultry diseases such as respiratory infections and external parasites. 

Regular health checks, prompt treatment, and maintaining a clean environment can keep most issues at bay.


A balanced diet is pivotal for the health and productivity of Midnight Majesty Marans chickens. Providing them with a high-quality layer feed ensures they receive essential nutrients. 

Additionally, supplementing with fresh vegetables, fruits, and occasional treats will keep them satisfied and healthy.

Incorporating these feeding strategies into my own flock back home, I experimented with nutritious feed recipes to enhance their egg quality. 

The results were remarkable. The deep chocolate-brown eggs not only looked magnificent but had a rich and flavorful taste. 

Coop Setup and Roaming

Midnight Majesty Marans chickens appreciate space. A spacious coop with proper ventilation and roosting bars is ideal. Equally important is a safe, fenced area for them to roam and forage. 

This not only keeps them active but also allows them to exhibit natural behaviors, enhancing their overall well-being.


Midnight Majesty Marans are reasonably hardy. However, during extreme weather conditions, it’s vital to ensure their coop is insulated against the harsh cold and well-ventilated during hot periods. 

Fresh water should always be available, and in colder months, consider using a heated waterer.

While Midnight Majesty Marans are relatively easy to care for, understanding their specific requirements can make a world of difference. 

With proper attention and love, these birds will reward you with their presence and productivity for many years.

How Much Does a Midnight Majesty Marans Cost?

Young Midnight Majesty Marans up close
Image credit: nativepathfarm / Instagram

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $5 for a day-old Midnight Majesty Marans chick. Hatching eggs might be slightly cheaper, usually around $2 to $4 per egg.

Adult birds, especially those with a proven track record of laying or show-quality features, can fetch higher prices, ranging from $20 to $50 or more.

Several reputable hatcheries and breeders offer Midnight Majesty Marans. You can check the sources below if you’re interested in buying these chickens:

  • Hoover’s Hatchery – Hoover’s Hatchery offers a wide range of poultry breeds, including the Midnight Majesty Marans. They pride themselves on their commitment to quality and ensure that their birds are healthy and true to breed standards. 
  • Myer’s Poultry – Myer’s Poultry takes poultry care to the next level, selling their birds under the “Mystic Maran” brand. They are committed to offering birds that are not only of exceptional quality but also free from diseases, showcasing their deep dedication to healthy breeding. 
  • Koops Coops – Specializing in a variety of poultry breeds, Koops Coops offers Midnight Majesty Marans that boast vibrant colors and consistent egg-laying capabilities. Their commitment to raising happy, healthy birds is evident from their meticulous breeding practices.

Local poultry shows or farmer’s markets may also have breeders selling these chickens. However, when purchasing, it’s always recommended to opt for reputable sources to ensure the health and authenticity of the birds.

Pros and Cons of the Midnight Majesty Marans

Midnight Majesty Marans have been captivating poultry enthusiasts with their unique features and consistent egg production. 

While they have received praise for many of their attributes, like any breed, they have both advantages and drawbacks.

Some of the pros of owning Midnight Majesty Marans are highlighted below:

  • Attractive Appearance: The Midnight Majesty Marans are renowned for their dark feathering complemented by an iridescent green sheen. This distinctive appearance makes them a standout in any flock, adding a touch of elegance and beauty.
  • Impressive Egg Color: One of the hallmarks of the Midnight Majesty Marans chicken is their rich, chocolate-brown eggs. These uniquely colored eggs are not only visually appealing but also of excellent quality and taste.
  • Friendly Temperament: Typically, Midnight Majesty Marans are known for their calm and docile nature. This temperament makes them easy to manage and a joy for families, even those with children.
  • Hardy Birds: Midnight Majesty Marans have demonstrated resilience in various weather conditions. Their adaptability makes them suitable for diverse climates and extreme temperatures.
  • Consistent Egg Production: When it comes to laying eggs, Midnight Majesty Marans are reliable producers. Their consistent egg production ensures that keepers have a steady supply.

Although these advantages are quite promising, Midnight Majesty Marans ownership also has its downsides:

  • Slightly Higher Price: Acquiring Midnight Majesty Marans can come with a higher price tag. Their unique attributes and growing popularity can make them more expensive than some other chicken breeds.
  • Broodiness: Some hens of the Midnight Majesty Marans breed tend to become broody. This behavior can interrupt regular egg production, requiring additional attention from the keeper.
  • Space Requirements: Midnight Majesty Marans value their space. They thrive better when given ample space to roam and forage. This requires more extensive coop or free-ranging areas.
  • Selective Breeders: Unlike more common chicken breeds, Midnight Majesty Marans aren’t as widely available. Aspiring owners may need to do some research to find trustworthy breeders.

The Midnight Majesty Marans chicken is an exquisite blend of beauty, functionality, and temperament. 

However, aspiring poultry keepers should weigh the pros against the cons to ensure that the breed aligns with their poultry goals and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Midnight Majesty Marans perched inside its coop
Image credit: landandfeast / Instagram

Are Midnight Majesty Marans Good Egg Layers?

Yes, Midnight Majesty Marans are commendable egg layers. They consistently produce a good number of eggs throughout the year. 

What’s even more striking is the deep, chocolate-brown color of the eggs they lay. 

These uniquely colored eggs, combined with their reliable production rate, make them highly sought after by poultry enthusiasts and those who appreciate quality eggs.

What Age Do Midnight Majesty Marans Start Laying Eggs?

Midnight Majesty Marans typically start laying eggs at around 5 to 7 months of age. However, various factors such as diet, environment, and overall health can influence their laying pattern.

It’s essential to provide them with a balanced diet and a stress-free environment to ensure consistent egg production as they mature.

Are Midnight Majesty Marans Chickens Friendly?

Absolutely! Midnight Majesty Marans are known for their calm and docile temperament. Their friendly nature makes them suitable for families, including those with young children. 

These chickens often integrate well into mixed flocks and are less prone to aggressive behavior, making them a joy to raise.

Are Midnight Majesty Marans Good Backyard Chickens?

Indeed, Midnight Majesty Marans are excellent backyard chickens. Their attractive appearance, combined with their friendly disposition, makes them a favorite among backyard poultry keepers. 

Additionally, they adapt well to various climates and are relatively hardy, reducing worries about extreme weather conditions. Their ability to forage means they’ll also help control pests in a garden setting.

We’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences with the Midnight Majesty Marans. Please feel free to leave a comment below!

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