Starlight Green Egger: Breed Profile, Facts & Pictures

Starlight Green Egger in the backyard
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Starlight Green Eggers are a captivating chicken breed known for their unique attributes. They showcase an array of feather patterns and lay iridescent green eggs, making them stand out in the world of poultry.

Originating from diverse ancestral roots, Starlight Green Eggers blends appearance and productivity, becoming a sought-after choice for many chicken enthusiasts.

In this article, we’ll dig deep into the Starlight Green Egger’s profile, exploring its origin, characteristics, and unique features. So, continue reading to find out more!

Starlight Green Egger Chicken Overview

Origin:Mixed lineage from various breeds
Weight:Hens: 4–5 pounds;
Roosters: 5–6 pounds
Purpose:Egg laying and ornamental
Egg Production:Approximately 200–250 eggs per year
Egg Color:Iridescent green
Temperament:Friendly and docile
Broodiness:Moderate, varies among hens
Hardiness:Adaptable to various climates
Lifespan:6–8 years, with proper care
Unique Features:Distinctive green eggs and varied feather patterns
Beginner Friendly:Yes, due to their easy-going nature and hardiness

What Is a Starlight Green Egger Chicken?

Starlight Green Egger in a farm
Image credit: thedeemstead / Instagram

Starlight Green Eggers are unique chickens known for their iridescent green eggs. Descended from multiple breeds, these birds are treasured both for their egg color and charming appearance. They combine traits from various ancestors, offering poultry enthusiasts a perfect blend of beauty and productivity.

Originating from several chicken breeds, Starlight Green Eggers possess a mixed genetic heritage. This ensures diverse physical characteristics, from feather patterns to body size. 

Interestingly, despite the variety, they all share the capability to lay green eggs. Their feathering can range from mottled black to lighter shades, making each bird truly distinctive.

While their stunning eggs are a major attraction, Starlight Green Eggers are also loved for their friendly disposition. 

They are known to be docile, making them a great choice for families. Further, their hardiness ensures they can adapt to different climates, making them suitable for diverse environments.

Starlight Green Egger Origin and History

Starlight Green Eggers have a captivating origin rooted in the union of multiple chicken breeds. This diverse lineage has contributed to their unique appearance and the stunning green eggs they produce. 

The goal behind their development was to create a bird with both beauty and egg-laying prowess. This designer chicken breed was first created by Hoover’s Hatchery.

Initially, breeders aimed to fuse the traits of chickens renowned for their egg color with those known for their delightful aesthetics. 

Over time, this selective breeding resulted in the Starlight Green Eggers. These chickens reflect characteristics from various chicken breeds, ensuring each bird carries a touch of ancestral charm.

Despite being a relatively recent addition to the poultry world, Starlight Green Eggers have rapidly gained popularity. 

Their multifaceted heritage, combined with their special egg color, has piqued the interest of many enthusiasts. As more people discover them, their reputation as a unique and treasured breed continues to grow.

Starlight Green Egger Appearance

Starlight Green Egger in a coop
Image credit: chickensandchimkins / Instagram

Starlight Green Eggers are visually striking, offering a blend of colors and patterns on their feathers. 

Their feathers can display a range of hues. Some sport mottled black patterns, while others flaunt lighter shades. Interestingly, no two birds look exactly alike, making each chicken unique.

This variety ensures a vibrant display when they’re together in a flock. Their eyes are alert, and their combs stand out, giving them a distinct look.

Along with their varied feathering, Starlight Green Eggers also have strong, sturdy legs. These legs often have a yellowish tint, which contrasts beautifully with their plumage.

Their beaks are robust, and their overall posture exudes confidence, reflecting their resilient nature.

The video below shows what a Starlight Green Egger looks like:

Starlight Green Egger in a tree - July 29th 2020 - In HD

Starlight Green Egger Size and Weight

Starlight Green Eggers, in terms of size and weight, are somewhere in the middle compared to other chicken breeds. This means that they are neither too large nor too small. 

Typically, mature hens weigh between 4 and 5 pounds. Roosters, being slightly larger, often tip the scales around 5 to 6 pounds. Their sturdy bodies are also well-proportioned. 

Their medium stature allows them to navigate various environments with ease. It’s also this size that contributes to their adaptability in different coop settings.

Moreover, their moderate build makes them suitable for both free-ranging and confined coop setups. They can comfortably roost, forage, and interact with fellow flock members without feeling overcrowded.

Starlight Green Egger Temperament and Behavior

Starlight Green Egger standing on the grass
Image credit: sadiesbackyardchickens / Instagram

Starlight Green Eggers are often admired not just for their looks but also for their delightful temperament. They blend a calm nature with curious tendencies, making them both endearing and entertaining to observe. 

Their disposition makes them suitable for a wide range of poultry enthusiasts, from beginners to experts.

One of the standout traits of these birds is their docility. They tend to be friendly and get along well with fellow flock members. 

This amiable nature also extends to humans, making them an ideal choice for families, especially those with children. They’re often described as “easy-going,” creating a harmonious environment in the coop.

Additionally, Starlight Green Eggers possess a natural curiosity. They are keen explorers and enjoy foraging for food, making them great candidates for free-ranging. 

This behavior not only keeps them active but also provides them with a varied diet. Their gentle and curious nature combined ensures that they’re both low-maintenance and engaging.

In one of my projects, I got the opportunity to observe a flock of Starlight Green Eggers. The gentle clucks, their curious foraging patterns, and their unique way of interaction stood out. 

Unlike other breeds I have observed, these Green Eggers seemed deeply connected with each other, fostering a tight-knit community. This made me even more curious about their ability to socialize.

Egg Production and Broodiness of the Starlight Green Egger

Starlight Green Eggers are renowned for their distinctive green eggs, but that’s not their only notable characteristic when it comes to egg production. 

These chickens are quite productive layers, contributing consistently to a vibrant egg basket. Their laying capability, combined with the unique egg hue, makes them a favorite among many poultry keepers.

On average, a healthy Starlight Green Egger hen can lay about 200 to 250 eggs per year. 

Their eggs aren’t just striking in color but are also of a decent size, typically ranging from medium to large. The iridescent green shade of their eggs often becomes a talking point, adding a splash of color to the collection.

As for their broodiness, Starlight Green Eggers display moderate tendencies. Some hens may exhibit strong maternal instincts, wishing to hatch and nurture chicks. 

Others might be less inclined towards broodiness. It’s essential to monitor their behavior and provide appropriate nesting spaces for those that show a desire to brood.

Noise Levels of Starlight Green Eggers

Starlight Green Egger up close
Image credit: lucky.cluckers / Instagram

Starlight Green Eggers, like many chicken breeds, have their own unique vocal expressions. But when it comes to the overall noise levels, these birds are generally on the quieter side.

Their vocalizations, though present, are often less disruptive, making them suitable for varied living environments, including urban settings.

While all chickens communicate through clucks, chirps, and occasional calls, Starlight Green Eggers are not excessively noisy. 

Hens might vocalize when laying eggs or when something unusual catches their attention, but they’re not known to be constant chatterboxes. Their sounds are usually soft and less frequent compared to some other breeds.

Roosters, naturally, can be a bit louder, especially during their morning crowing sessions. However, even among roosters, Starlight Green Egger males are relatively subdued. 

They’re not the loudest crowers in the poultry world, making them a more considerate choice for neighborhoods where excessive noise might be a concern.

How to Take Care of Your Starlight Green Egger

Caring for Starlight Green Eggers is a rewarding journey, ensuring they thrive and produce their signature green eggs. 

These birds, with their unique characteristics, require attention to specific details to keep them healthy and happy. Hence, understanding their needs is paramount.

Lifespan and Health Issues

Starlight Green Eggers typically have a lifespan of 6 to 8 years, given proper care. Like all chickens, they can be susceptible to common poultry diseases. 

Common concerns include respiratory ailments, mites and lice infestations, and worm infestations. Additionally, they might occasionally face issues like egg binding or bumblefoot. 

Regular health check-ups, deworming, and vaccinations can keep many of these issues at bay. Always ensure clean living conditions, as this reduces the risk of diseases and promotes a longer, healthier life for the birds.


A balanced diet is essential for Starlight Green Eggers. Supply them with quality layer feed that provides all necessary nutrients. 

As they are active foragers, allowing them to roam can supplement their diet with natural treats like insects. Ensure clean, fresh water is always available. 

Occasionally, kitchen scraps and vegetables can be a healthy treat.

Coop Setup and Roaming

Starlight Green Eggers thrive in spacious coops. Ensure at least 2 to 3 square feet per bird inside the coop and about 8 to 10 square feet in an outside run. 

Proper ventilation and protection from predators are crucial. Given their curious nature, they benefit from free-ranging sessions. This not only keeps them active but also mentally stimulated.


Starlight Green Eggers are adaptable to various climates. In warmer temperatures, ensure ample shade and fresh water. During colder months, a well-insulated coop can help keep them warm. 

However, avoid overheating the coop with direct heaters. Their feathers provide natural insulation, so focus on preventing drafts and moisture.

How Much Does a Starlight Green Egger Cost?

Starlight Green Egger side view
Image credit: lucky.cluckers / Instagram

The Starlight Green Egger is a sought-after breed among poultry enthusiasts. On average, Starlight Green Egger chicks can range from $10 to $20 each, depending on the breeder and the specific lineage.

Mature birds, especially those with a proven laying record or exceptional lineage, might fetch a higher price.

Costs can also fluctuate based on factors such as the bird’s age, health, and appearance. It’s always wise to factor in additional expenses, such as shipping or transportation, when budgeting for a purchase.

For those interested in purchasing Starlight Green Eggers, several reputable breeders specialize in this breed. Local poultry shows or farmers’ markets might have them available. 

Online platforms, dedicated poultry websites, and even breed-specific forums are great places to start the search. 

It’s essential to choose a breeder with positive reviews and transparent health records for their birds to ensure the best quality.

Pros and Cons of the Starlight Green Egger

The Starlight Green Egger, with its enchanting appearance and signature green eggs, has made quite a mark in the poultry world. Like all breeds, they come with their unique set of advantages and challenges.

First, let’s discuss the advantages of owning a Starlight Green Egger:

  • Distinctive green eggs: The unique egg color of Starlight Green Eggers adds diversity to the egg basket and is always a conversation starter.
  • Adaptable: Starlight Green Eggers can adjust to various climates and environments, making them versatile for different geographical locations.
  • Friendly disposition: Known for their docile and easy-going nature, Starlight Green Eggers get along well with other flock members and are suitable for families.
  • Moderate noise levels: Generally quieter, Starlight Green Eggers are suitable for urban settings where noise might be a concern.

Meanwhile, here are some disadvantages you need to consider before getting a Starlight Green Egger:

  • High price: As a sought-after breed, Starlight Green Eggers can be pricier compared to more common chicken breeds.
  • Variable broodiness: The Starlight Green Egger’s broodiness can differ among hens, which might pose challenges for those seeking consistent layers.
  • Mixed appearance: For breeders looking for uniformity, the Starlight Green Eggers’ varied appearances stemming from their diverse lineage might not be ideal.

While Starlight Green Eggers have a lot of benefits that make them a prized possession, potential keepers should also be aware of the challenges. 

By weighing the pros and cons, one can make an informed decision about introducing these unique birds to their coop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starlight Green Egger looking downwards
Image credit: lucky.cluckers / Instagram

What Is the Difference Between Green Eggers and Olive Eggers?

Green Eggers and Olive Eggers are both chickens that lay colored eggs, but there’s a difference in the hue of the eggs they produce.

Green Eggers, like the Starlight Green Eggers, produce eggs with a distinct green tint. Olive Eggers, on the other hand, lay eggs with a darker, olive-green shade. 

This color difference stems from the unique genetics of each breed, influenced by their ancestral lineage.

When Do Starlight Green Eggers Start Laying Eggs?

Starlight Green Eggers typically begin laying eggs around 5 to 6 months of age. However, the exact timing can vary based on factors like their environment, diet, and overall health. 

Once they commence laying, with proper care, they can produce eggs consistently.

Are Starlight Green Egger Chickens Friendly?

Yes, Starlight Green Eggers are known for their friendly and docile nature. They tend to get along well with other flock members and are also amiable towards humans. 

Their gentle temperament makes them suitable for families, including those with children.

Are Starlight Green Eggers Good Backyard Chickens?

Absolutely! Starlight Green Eggers are adaptable, friendly, and relatively low-maintenance, making them excellent candidates for backyard settings. 

Their unique egg color adds a touch of novelty to the coop. Plus, their manageable noise levels and curious nature make them a joy to observe and care for in domestic settings.

Final Thoughts

The world of poultry is vast and varied, but few breeds capture attention, like Starlight Green Eggers. 

With their unique combination of attributes, ranging from iridescent green eggs to a friendly temperament, they truly offer something special for every poultry enthusiast.

Should you be interested in getting Starlight Green Eggers, it is also crucial that you become aware of their basic care needs, which are not so different from taking care of other common chicken breeds.

If you have personal experiences or thoughts about the Starlight Green Egger, we invite you to leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from our readers and further enrich the discussion around these remarkable birds.

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